Rob Thomas – Editor-in-Chief/Owner: Found after a spaceship crashed in a Kansas cornfield and empowered by the rays of earth’s yellow sun… wait, no. Wrong bio. Take two.

Rob has played video games since he was tall enough to see the arcade cabinet screens at the dawn of the 1980s, learned to read from comics and dinosaur books before he entered kindergarten and once ran a D&D session that his grandmother played in. Suffice it to say, he’s got this geek thing pretty nailed down. CFD! is just the latest chapter.

Favorites: Coke Zero, tabletop RPGs, Nightcrawler, the MegaTen series, Steam sales, rats, the Cthulhu Mythos and the smell of fresh plastic.

Rob Rich – Associate Editor: Rob began writing for CFD! when it was still a wee lad of a website. In the time since he’s gained a massive appreciation for the indie games scene, working on special features such as The Xbox Live Indie-Dome and Free Games What Need Playing to help get the word out.

Favorites: Shadow of the Colossus, Dead Space 2, Dwarf Fortress, Minecraft and the “magic” of OnLive’s streaming video game service

Dustin Stevens – Contributing Editor: Dustin was born in a log cabin in 1809 and, after serving as the Senator for Illinois for several years, became the sixteenth president of the United States and ended slavery before his assassination in 1865. Since then, he can be can be found staying up late hitting on girls on Twitter while playing games and drinking martinis. Dustin also writes funny stuff for and hosts the Ballscast.

Favorites: RPGs, first/third Person shooters, vodka, mackin’ on Twitter friends, Doctor Who.

Hayley Winter – Contributing Editor: Hayley grew up on the east coast of America in the 1970’s and video games were in her blood. Medical science attempted to cure it but she escaped and headed west, visiting 29 states. Eventually, she settled down with a family of spiders living in an abandoned shack in the southwest. Unable to catch food in a web made of sewing thread, she soon moved on. Lately, Hayley spends her time in Seattle. When not gaming or devouring literature, she can be found hiding under rocks and scaring children.

Favorites: Chinese martial arts films; the games of Warren Spector, Ken Levine, BioWare, and the Elder Scrolls series; RPGs; David Lynch; Philip K Dick; Wong Kar Wai; Thomas Pynchon; and green tea.

John DeLuca – Contributing Editor: The social media coordinator at a digital marketing agency, John spends most of his workday stalking people on Facebook and meticulously handcrafting tweets. Then he drives home and spends the rest of his waking hours playing, watching, discussing and (very) occasionally writing about video games. John currently lives in his parents’ basement and drives a car he can’t afford, proudly fulfilling the American Dream.

Favorites: PC gamer elitism, Blizzard games, DotA/LoL, shooters, RPGs and their unholy progeny, laying down sick beats on the drums in Rock Band, playing actual drums remarkably poorly.

Kristopher Kosie – Contributing Editor: When not making television magic or rocking out on his bass guitar, Kris can usually be found on PSN or Xbox Live. He loves writing about his favorite genres, whether it be sports, shooters or the odd MMO. Just a word of warning: he always finishes an online game and never forgets the gamertags of those that wrong him or his loved ones… or his cats.

Favorites: EA Sports titles, Mass Effect, Bethesda RPGs and online shooters.

Gareth Edwards – Contributing Editor: Gareth would be a super-hero if all of his combined time standing in front of microwave ovens had enough power to alter his DNA. Whilst not dreaming of saving the planet, he is a full-time gamer (playing PS3, PSP, Xbox 360 and iPhone in almost equal measure), nearly a graduate in IT, a lover/reviewer of all things gadget, gaming and tech, and also a cat owner.

Favourites: Final Fantasy, tactical espionage action, Apple, Elder Scrolls, Dexter and tattoos.

Oliver Sachgau – Contributing Editor: A sophmore journalism student in University, Oliver divides his attention between writing articles about all sorts of subjects (anything involving games is obviously preferred) for all sorts of people, and slowly but surely destroying the buttons to his PlayStation 3 controller. Oliver currently lives in the Cold Northern Glory known as Ottawa, Canada, and one day hopes to one day make a living writing about video games.

Favorites: Open-world games, RPGs, adventure games, writing, playing violin, and wishing that Rock Band would finally make a violin game.

Sean Bassinger – Contributing Editor: Short, lovable (mostly), and commonly referred to as “buddy,” Sean is a video game lover who has enjoyed the hobby since Darth Vader destroyed Megatron in the battle of 1722. When he’s not pulling obviously fabricated war stories out of his ass, he can be found playing video games, studying journalism (who knew), or writing for other various websites and publications.

Favorites: ActRaiser, BioShock, Final Fantasy IV, Portal, U.N. Squadron, and garlic bread.

Som Pourfarzaneh – Contributing Editor: Som is unreasonably good at Maze Craze for the Atari 2600. He writes about video games and games of all kinds, with a particular interest in covering PC titles and MMOs. In his day jobs he studies religion and pop culture, works as a program coordinator, and teaches martial arts. He’s also an Arsenal fan.

Favorites: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn, Planescape: Torment, The Elder Scrolls, Assassin’s Creed, Mass Effect, FIFA, The Lord of the Rings Online, every MMO ever.

Zuri Grimm – Site Graphics: After spending four years in art school trying to learn how to paint, Zuri discovered digital art goodies like Photoshop and has since spent their time jacked in like it was The Matrix.

Favourites: The Dresden Files, Clive Barker, LARPs, point and click adventure games, tabletop RPGs and other forms of dice flinging and arbitrary use of the letter “u.”