We’re almost always looking to strengthen our team of editors and writers here at Crush! Frag! Destroy!’s virtual HQ. In case you missed the announcement (and the home page in general), CFD! isn’t just about video games anymore. We’re also covering comics, movies, TV, tabletop games, music, books and tech as well!

And with that newly expanded focus comes a need for more manpower. Yes, that’s right. We’re putting out the call for new blood once again.

Do you think you’ve got the stuff? Here’s what we’re looking for.

You have:

  • A fresh, unique viewpoint on one or more aspects of geek-friendly entertainment media and the culture that surrounds them, a strong voice, and a burning, nigh-unquenchable passion to write about it all.
  • In regards to video games, a mostly console-neutral viewpoint, or at the very least, a non-hostile one. Irrational fanboy-ism regarding any of the major platforms (either positive or negative) has no sort of place here.
  • A firm grasp on the English language and the ability to construct a sentence with it that engages people and draws their interest, rather than making them facepalm at your painful abuse of simple grammar.
  • A reliable, self-motivated work ethic and the ability to work on a deadline. We can’t stress this one enough. Calling yourself a “motivated self-starter” may be a résumé cliche to avoid, that’s honestly exactly what we want–people who don’t need to be micromanaged every step of the way and who can be expected to search out interesting ideas for content and present them to the editorial team, rather than just doing nothing until they’re handed a project.
  • A dedication to help grow the site and produce top-notch content for our readers.

Does this sound like you? If so, then we want to hear from you. Right now.

Keep in mind that this is not a paid position, though it does come with a few perks, which we’ll discuss in the application. Also, experience isn’t necessary–interesting samples from an unpublished writer will get our attention quicker than boring ones from somebody with published credits–but familiarity with working in a team environment certainly doesn’t hurt things, either.

Send us an email at submissions [AT] crushfragdestroy [DAWT] com and we’ll send you back an application. Please have two to three writing samples ready to attach.

Note To Previous Applicants:

If you have applied to CFD! at some point in the past, we’re asking that please re-apply and submit a new application, as the information has since been updated.

Positions Available:

All Categories

  • News Writers - Need to reliably contribute a minimum of a couple of news posts per weekday; more when possible. Timeliness essential. RSS reader familiarity a huge plus. We also prefer writers who editorialize news a bit, as opposed to straight, dry reporting of facts.
  • Feature Writers/Columnists - Looking for both writers to produce individual long-form features, as well as those interested in creating regularly occurring themed columns. We’re looking for all varieties of feature types: humor pieces, post-mortems, retrospectives, culture, interviews, and much more. We’re not totally adverse to “Top X” list features either, but “Top 10 Best Boobs and Butts in Gaming” isn’t going to fly here. Sorry.
  • Reviewers - Need to be able to produce critical and informative reviews that are still engaging and entertaining. Ability to work on a deadline is essential. In regards to video games, Xbox Live Gold accounts are required for reviewing Xbox 360 releases with an online component.

Video Games

  • Sports Desk - Need to cover sports and/or racing-related video game news, reviews, etc. Requirements as per News Writers/Reviewers above.
  • PC Editors - Need to cover PC game reviews, previews and news. Prefer someone with decent hardware and a very wide range of PC gaming tastes, from casual flash games to AAA releases, but not essential.
  • iOS Editors - Need to cover iOS game reviews and news. Prefer someone with both an iPhone and iPad, but either will do.


  • Community Manager - Need to be familiar with and have an established presence on social media platforms. Looking for that special mix of friendly social butterfly and devious, mind-controlling supervillain who is prepared to engage with our readers and devise new strategies for helping expand our audience.
  • Forum Moderators - The forums will be here before the end of January, if all goes according to plan, and we’ll need level-headed, sane individuals to help keep them policed and safe. Will answer to the Community Manager and may occasionally be tasked with additional duties, if the need arises.

There is some overlap in duties: everyone is expected to contribute the occasional news article now and again, anyone can write an editorial or feature if they have a topic to discuss, and all staffers should be able to throw together a review in a pinch, if the need arises.

Obviously, with the newly increased amount of coverage, we’d love to have people who can multi-task across several topics, rather than just confining themselves to a single niche, but all qualified applicants will be considered.

Thanks in advance for your interest in joining Team CFD! and we hope you’re what we’re looking for!