PS Vita

PlayStation Vita – Hands-On Preview

In a market dominated by inexpensive applications to entertain those on the move, Sony has certainly thrown in a wild card with the PS Vita. Released in Japan late last year and already facing floods of criticism from the other...
by Logan Harrington

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet – Hands-On Preview

It’s been two years since the first stunning announcement trailer revealed Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet to an unsuspecting gaming audience. Then one year ago, following the announcement of the game’s eventual rele...
by Rob Thomas


PAX East 2011: Trenched – Hands-On Preview

Alternate history war games, amirite? They’ve been lurking in the corners of our game retailers and video stores pretty much since the early days of interactive entertainment. Some involve legitimately possible branches i...
by Rob Rich


Deus Ex: Human Revolution

PAX East 2011: Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Hands-Off Preview

Go ahead and mark your calendars for August 23rd. This is when we’ll all finally be able to get our hands on the very highly anticipated Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Until then, you’ll just have to make due with a fir...
by Rob Rich

Fallen Frontier

PAX East 2011: Fallen Frontier – Hands-On Preview

Not too long ago, the world found out that a few folks from Bungie set off to do their own thing. Not too long ago, their budding company, Moonshot Games, announced their first title: Fallen Frontier. Not too long ago, I got to...
by Rob Rich


PAX East 2011: Rage – Hands-Off Preview

The first day of PAX East 2011 saw a new exclusive demo of id Software’s latest opus, Rage. For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, Rage is a first person shooter from the dudes who invented the genre. In the wo...
by Dustin Stevens


BattleBlock Theater

PAX East 2011: BattleBlock Theater – Hands-On Preview

The Behemoth is one of the few developers I can think of with such a strong focus on cooperative games. Sure, the original Alien Hominid was a single player affair, but from then on it seemed as though they were dead-set on cre...
by Rob Rich


SOCOM 4 – Hands-On Multiplayer Preview

There’s a stigma attached to the SOCOM franchise. While dedicated players praised it for its competitive play, the high barrier to entry required to join their ranks has kept the series from lifting itself out of the hard...
by Sage Knox


PAX East 2011: Warp – Hands-On Preview

There’s nothing I love more than finding something awesome unexpectedly. Well okay, there might be one or two things I love more, but that’s it. And Warp, an up-and-coming title by Trapdoor Inc., is both unexpected ...
by Rob Rich