CoD: Black Ops - Call of the Dead

Win CoD: Black Ops Escalation Codes (and a Poster) From CFD!

UPDATE: Contest winners have been picked and notified. Thanks again to everybody for entering! Keep your eyes peeled–we should have more giveaways coming in the near future! —– New maps! Zombies! Movie stars! ...
by The CFD! Staff

Gears of War 3

Win Gears of War 3 Beta Codes at Crush! Frag! Destroy!

UPDATE: Contest winners have been notified. Check your Twitter DMs or Facebook messages and see if you’ve won. Thanks to everyone who participated! —– Are you sick of seeing your Xbox Live friends playing the ...
by The CFD! Staff


Win Dead Rising 2: Case Zero From Crush! Frag! Destroy!

We promised it was coming today and we didn’t lie to you. CFD! is opening the doors, unboarding the windows and letting the shambling horde in for one lucky winner this Halloweek. Who wants a free copy of Dead Rising 2: C...
by Rob Thomas



Check Out Press Pause Radio’s Zom-Blowout Contest!

I meant to post this much sooner, but spending this week running from hordes of the hungry dead has left me with precious little time. Still, it’s not too late! Pay attention, because what I’m about to tell you can ...
by Rob Thomas


Rustle Up Some Lead and Gold For Free on Steam!

UPDATE: First off, sorry for the delay, but PAX planning has left us running a bit ragged. However, winners HAVE been selected, so without further ado… AkmGamer TheBigScarySeaBug Syniz wilop123142 Look for a friend reques...
by Rob Thomas


CFD!’s Gaming Grab-Bag Giveaway

We have stuff. You enjoy stuff, right? Who doesn’t enjoy stuff? Well you’re in luck, because we’re giving that stuff away. We have a couple of spare games to offer this week, but sadly, only single copies of e...
by Rob Thomas



CFD!’s DeathSpank Giveaway Spanktacular

Hey there, kids! Who’s up for a slice of justice with a side of comedy? Show of hands? Well, you’re in luck! To celebrate this week’s upcoming release of Ron Gilbert’s DeathSpank (yes, that’s right...
by Rob Thomas


Win Rocket Knight For PSN – Crush! Swag! Destroy!

What’s this? Another giveaway? Of course it is! Because CFD! loves you all just that much. And this time around, we’ve got actual games up for grabs – specifically Konami’s recent 2.5D updating of a much...
by Rob Thomas


Blue Dragon Card Game Giveaway – Crush! Swag! Destroy!

You know, I feel like a flaming moron for not thinking of that title for our contests sooner. It’s like it was staring me in the face the whole time! But I digress… To celebrate last week’s release of Blue Dra...
by Rob Thomas