February 14, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Demo Puts Valentine’s Day On Hold

Mass Effect 3

It’s a bit ironic that the demo for BioWare’s eagerly anticipated Mass Effect 3 is releasing on Valentine’s Day.

Why’s that, you ask? Well, it’s no secret that quite a few of CFD!’s staff, both past and present, are big fans of the Mass Effect franchise. We offered a fair bit of coverage leading up to the release of Mass Effect 2, back in the days when our staff numbered far fewer than we do today, and our review was fairly unambiguous in its praise for the game’s virtues. It even ended up as our winner for 2010′s Game of the Year.

And then, like a negligent boyfriend who totally let his significant other slip his mind during an epic brain fart, we kiiiinda spaced out on the Mass Effect 3 coverage. Yeah…

But we’re gonna make it up to you, baby! We’re going to tell everybody about the fact that your demo is out now, on PS3, PC and Xbox 360! And that it includes both Kinect functionality, as well as the ability to play through it while choosing to emphasize “Action” if you don’t care for the role-playing bits, or “Story” if you’re maybe not as fast with the trigger finger and tactics… just like you can in the full game!

And you know how we were initially concerned when we heard you were getting a multiplayer mode? Well we’re even excited to check that out (since the demo has a sample of that, as well), because it sounds like it could be cool and we want to know everything about you, darlin’!

And we want to shout to the world how you’re going to have an all-new CG trailer called “Take Earth Back” that’s going to premiere this Sunday during The Walking Dead‘s new episode on AMC! We want everybody to know that despite the fact that we messed up, we still love you, baby. And we can’t wait to bring you home on March 6, 2012. And even though Europe has to wait until March 9th, they still love you too.

Let’s never fight again, baby. We’re sorry…

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  1. oscar

    so where can i find it o PSN? (US account) its not on the stores highlights or by searching… I also have BF3 limited edition

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