February 10, 2012

New Marvel Roleplaying Game Gets Release Date

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

Attention roleplayers: With great power comes great responsibility.

Some of us have been eagerly awaiting the release of the new Marvel-based RPG by Margaret Weis Productions, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, since its announcement at Gen Con last August. Others have been waiting close to a decade since the release of Marvel’s own Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game. Regardless of how long, the wait is rapidly coming to a close as Margaret Weis has announced an official release date for the newest in comic book RPGs: February 28, 2012.

As with any RPG of this type, with a new iteration of a previously executed concept comes the challenge of making this one different and more captivating for both Marvel fans and tabletop RPGers alike. Thus, the team at MWP has decided to stick with using the highly flexible Cortex Plus rules system (which you may recognize from their other games such as Leverage and Smallville), allowing players to either battle as their own favorite Marvel superhero or create one from scratch.

For those tabletop players who are not comic fans, and inversely, for those avid comic readers who detest the idea of playing an RPG, there are still worthy elements to the game that would surprise both camps. The possibility of vast story arcs and the diverse, constantly changing plot points and characters which make up comic books make for undeniably exciting settings for any RPG. And when it comes right down to it, even if you’re not a hardcore Marvel fan, who can honestly say there isn’t one out of the dozens of epic superheroes that exist within the Marvel universe you wouldn’t want to try roleplaying as?

Matt Morgan of MTV Geek explains the finer points what we have to look forward to:

“The base game uses Brian Michael Bendis’s Breakout story-arc from New Avengers as its setting, but Margaret Weis Productions is already planning a series of event-based content to support the game. The series will begin with the following three Event Books: Civil War in March 2012, Annihilation in June 2012, and Age of Apocalypse in September 2012.”

Meanwhile, as we wait for the next two weeks to crawl by, interested fans should watch the Margaret Weis website for teasers and previews of material leading up to the release of the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Basic Game on the 28th. Likely, there will be launch party announcements at comic book shops in your local area, so be on the lookout for those as well. And in the meantime, start dreaming up what favorite Marvel character you will play and what adventures await you.

[Source: Margaret Weis Productions, via MTV Geek]


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