December 1, 2011

New Tool Album Underway, Also… Stuff

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Written by: Rob Thomas
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It’s been about five and a half years since enigmatic prog-metallers Tool released their last album, the Grammy-winning 10,000 Days. As any Tool fan worth his salt can attest, beating yourself over the head wondering when their next recording will drop is a fruitless endeavor. Tool works on the same timeline as Blizzard or Valve: it’ll happen when it happens and not before.

Just a few minutes ago, a long, slightly surreal wall of text from an unnamed third party appeared on the band’s official Facebook page. When one peels away the layers of odd and sometimes downright bizarre frippery, a few facts bubble to the surface. First and most noteworthy among them that the band has been recording in the studio with ‘Evil’ Joe Barresi, who engineered and mixed 10,000 Days, over the Thanksgiving holidays and that work on the new record is well underway. With frontman Maynard James Keenan still on the road in support of his side project Puscifer’s new album Conditions of My Parole, it’s assumed that he’ll be adding to the proceedings once he decompresses after the tour.

There were also eliptical hints at a new video and possibly tour dates, but that could all just be more misdirection, which the band is certainly well known for.

Speaking as someone who considers himself OGT, I couldn’t be happier to hear this news. Now we get to sit on our thumbs while the anticipation for the new album builds. But to quote wisdom from 2001′s Lateralus, we need to “be patient” if we’re “gonna wait it out.”

[Via: Tool on Facebook]


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