November 23, 2011

Epic Community Easter Egg Takes Three Seasons To Execute

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Written by: Rob Thomas
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As if we needed more reasons to love Community.

The mastermind behind the much beloved (yet inexplicably on mid-season hiatus) NBC sitcom, Dan Harmon, just posted a video on YouTube on Twitter showing off an in-show Easter Egg that took three entire seasons to set up and execute.

As anyone who is familiar with the movie Beetlejuice can tell you, saying the titular character’s name three times would cause the “ghost with the most” to rise from his grave to make trouble in the land of the living. Community managed to squeeze his name into three different episodes across all three seasons. Pay attention to the window over Annie’s shoulder at the end.

For those curious, the episodes in question were as follows:

Episode 1.16: “Communication Studies”

Episode 2.08: “Cooperative Calligraphy”

Episode 3.05: “Horror Fiction In Seven Spooky Steps”

[Via: @danharmon]


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