August 5, 2011

Free Games What Need Playing: Bowl of Golf Nuts Exile Edition

Free Games What Need Playing


And welcome to another edition of Free Games What Need Playing. This time we’ve got four games for you all. Four new games for your to satisfy your gaming urges, and your struggling purse-strings. The first casts you in the role of a turbo-charged squirrel, in a tilt controlled branch-avoidance race. The second is a free online Diablo clone. A console port featuring some well loved fighters is the third and a browser-based version of a MMO golfing sim rounds out the collection.


(Download Link)


Nuts! deserves the exclamation mark as much as this website deserves 3; it’s fast, frantic and a whole heap of fun. The basic aim of this iOS game involves directing a super-charged squirrel up a seemingly endless tree; controlled by simply tilting your iPhone and making excellent use of the accelerometer.

As you progress in height, the branches get closer together and you have to make full use of the 360 degrees of the tree trunk and your tilting skills. There are different challenges to attempt, different trees to conquer and collectibles to earn and collect. With the game keeping a record of your top height, teasing you into one more attempt, and the pick-up and play nature making it ideal for when you have a minute to spare, you really can’t resist it at the “free” price tag.


Path of Exile

(Download Link)


The Diablo series is lauded as one of the greatest dungeon-based fantasy RPGs of all time. It’s a little sad that I have to start describing Path of Exile for the PC by comparing it to a well established series, but it does a good job of holding its’ own.

Path of Exile is an online-only dungeon based action RPG, meaning that you will need an active internet connection at all times while you play it. That said, it is completely free to download and play, with the option of microtransactions should the quality and quantity of free items not be sufficient for your needs. The perspective is fixed 3D, but the worlds are spectacularly rendered and realized. With all the combat, PVP options, typical magic, skills and equipment to customise your character, it’s easy to forget that you have actually paid nothing for a fully featured game.


With the ability to play completely alone, cooperatively or even competitively with others, the game has something for every fan of the RPG genre. It’s well worth exploring as a free alternative to the paid subscriptions of other MMORPGs that are dominating the market.


Tekken Bowl

(Download Link)


Another iOS game, but this time a tamer version of a bonus game from Tekken Tag Tournament. One of the more inventive bonus games, rather than giving players an alternative method for fighting, it places the characters in a bowling alley and makes them knock over pins shaped like the series patriarch/evil boss, Heihachi Mishima.

The mobile version keeps the main aspect the same, but features only 3 characters; Ling Xiayou, Jin Kazama and Panda. The method for bowling has also changed slightly; you move your character along the lane with your finger, and then tap when the horizontal bar reaches your desired bowling angle, and tap again for your chosen shot strength. The graphics rival any mobile version of Tekken that I have seen, and the animation is smooth and clear. The only question this game raises is not why it is free, but when will a full game of Tekken be available for the iOS platform?



Golf Star

(Download Link)


An online golf MMO may be some peoples’ idea of Hell, and I know that I am not a huge fan of the game itself, but golf- based computer games intrigue me. I have always been a fan of Hot Shots Golf on the PlayStation platform, and it stems from my addiction to the Great Golf game on the Sega Master System. When I saw a free browser-based game for golf, with the opportunity to play online, I knew I had to try it.

The graphics are very, very good for a browser game, and the ability to upgrade and customize your golfer makes the game more personal. There is a choice of 6 courses featuring the ability to enter tournaments with up to 30 other players from around the globe in one of 5 different game modes and meet up before and afterward in the online hub.


For a free game to fill your golfing urges, and with a simple sign up and no large files to download or purchase, how could I not recommend this?

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