June 5, 2011

Team DeathChat: Episode 16 – “Pre-E3 2011″ 6/5/11

CFD!'s Team DeathChat


I think I’m just going to stop talking about delays anymore. It seems every time I make mention of us getting back on track, something happens to throw that off. In this case, my computer melting down and me not only losing my podcast notes… but a good chunk of data that wasn’t backed up as well. Fun stuff. I think I must have angered a gypsy without realizing it.

Anyway, because of that, we’re going to go with minimal show notes this time to maximize how quickly we can get this out to you. Sorry again for the delay. But hey, at least one of the main topics is way more topical now, what with E3 in just around the corner!

CFD!’s Team DeathChat

Episode 16 – 6/5/11 “Pre-E3 2011″

We’re back. No, this episode wasn’t lost to the ages. It was, however, subject to technical problems, necessitating a re-edit and then it killed Rob T.’s computer.

No, literally. His computer totally died. Like, “dead” dead. Deceased. Out o’ here. Afterlife, kids.

Still, we survived and although this should have been in your earholes in mid-May (just after the release of Brink), we’re bringing it to you now. So sit back and listen to the boys (with a sober Dustin this time around) talk about even more Mortal Kombat, Outland, XBLA Indies (including Sequence), the Gears of War 3 multiplayer beta, Dustin’s Halo addiction, pre-E3 predictions, and the best stories in video games. Also, Ear Caresses from Mindjack!




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  • Ummm.. ignore the mention of the Call of Duty contest. Yeah. We already did that before the podcast went live.
  • And we forgot the extra content in the iPhone/Android app too. Oops. Sorry.

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CFD!’s Team DeathChat – “It’s Just Not Terrible!™”



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