May 11, 2011

Team DeathChat Recording Today: We Want Your E3 Predictions and Best Game Stories

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Written by: Rob Thomas
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CFD!'s Team DeathChat


In just a few short hours (say, circa 6pm Eastern time) we’re going to be recording episode 16 of CFD!’s Team DeathChat and we need some input from you, our loyal listeners, on our two featured topics this week.

First, with E3 2011 just around the corner, we figured it would be a good time to throw down some pre-E3 predictions. What do you think we’ll see at the show? What’s going to surprise us? What’s going to make us shake our heads and groan in disgust? Time to put on your prognostication hats and break out your best Nostradamus impressions!

Secondly, we’re planning to have a short discussion on which video games we think have the best stories. What games kept you riveted, waiting for the next cutscene or bit of dialog?

As usual, you can reach us in a variety of ways. You can leave a comment below, hit us up on Facebook or Twitter, or throw us a good old fashioned email to podcast [AT] crushfragdestroy [DAWT] com. Either way, get them in because we only have about five hours and change until we record and we want to get as many of your replies on the air as possible.

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  1. Sony’s going to announce and immediately release the PlayStation 5. Fuck 4, they need to get as far away from PS3 as possible.

    Mindjack had a pretty killer story…

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