March 29, 2011

Soundtrack Spotlight: Retro City Rampage

Soundtrack Spotlight: Retro City Rampage

Soundtrack Spotlight is a weekly CFD! feature devoted to all things VGM. Every week we celebrate the best in game music, highlight new releases and forgotten tracks, and bring you the best in auditory awesomeness.

Album: Retro City Rampage: The Soundtrack Demo Mixtape
Composed by: Leonard J. Paul (Freaky DNA), Jake Kaufman (virt), Matt Creamer (Norrin Radd)

This upcoming WiiWare/XBLA game adopts the structure of the early Grand Theft Auto games, while deftly parodying everything from Metal Gear Solid to Batman to Back to the Future. During his time in “Theftropolis,” the protagonist, “Player,” will take on a variety of chaotic, presumably self-referential missions, complemented by this intense throwback of a soundtrack.

Retro City Rampage Demo Mixtape

Time Stamps

Retro City Rampage Theme - 0:00 – 1:59

Reflections - 2:02 – 2:46

Brewskiing - 2:47 – 3:15

KickIT - 3:16 – 3:41

Renegade - 3:42 – 6:03

Toadstool Om Nom - 6:04 – 6:41

Riff Down - 6:42 – 7:51

Do or Die - 7:52 – 8:35

Not Mega… - 8:36 – 10:16

Mission Complete - 10:17 – 10:22



Album: Epic Mickey Original Game Score
Composed by: James Dooley

Gauging Epic Mickey’s quality and appeal depends on who you ask, but it’s soundtrack is undeniably cool. It has that certain Disney pep, but with a heavy dash of dark mischief.

Available at Amazon.com

Main Titles

Micket Meets Horace Horsecollar

The Pirates of Wasteland

Mickeyjunk Mountain (feauring “Mickey Mouse Club March”)

The Epic Finale



Album: Super Metroid Remastered
Arranged by: TenchuX

“So, what would Samus do? She’d help out a bunch of needy kids right?!”

That’s the sentiment behind the release of this remix album, created in an effort to help raise money for the game industry charity Child’s Play. The album features 21 tracks, along with several excellent pieces of art, and is available to download for free here. Enjoy, and donate!


Theme of Super Metroid

Big Boss Confrontation (Ridley – Draygon) + Escape

Brinstar (Overgrown With Vegetation Area)

Brinstar (Red Soil Swampy Area)

Norfair (Hot Lava Area)

Theme of Samus Aran (Galactic Warrior)

Wrecked Ship



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