March 9, 2011

Toy Soldiers: Cold War Announced, Playable at PAX East

Toy Soldiers: Cold War


Signal Studios’ 2010 release, Toy Soldiers, was one of the best Xbox Live Arcade games nobody talked about last year. Admittedly, never having finished my review of it, I’m partially to blame there (perhaps a flashback review coming soon?). The quirky mix of World War I’s backdrop slapped over miniature soldiers, clockwork tanks and tower defense gameplay was a formula more gamers should have experienced.

Well, now they get another chance, as Signal is advancing ranks and pushing things into the 1980s with the announcement of Toy Soldiers: Cold War.

Drawing on the over-the-top style of countless action-adventure movies, Toy Soldiers: Cold War pits the USA versus their most classic nemesis — the monolithic USSR. Expect lots gung-ho bravado, fighter jets and perhaps a shirtless, ripped commando or two with trademark red headbands.

Cold War will also sport both a single player and co-op campaign (including Co-Op Survival Mode), mini-games, multiplayer, new drivable units, new turrets and a host of other improvements. It’s like your G.I. Joe fantasies come to life!

While the game itself will be available later this year, it will be playable this weekend in Boston at PAX East. Look for our coverage coming soon.

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