August 2, 2010

CFD!’s Gaming Grab-Bag Giveaway


We have stuff. You enjoy stuff, right? Who doesn’t enjoy stuff?

Well you’re in luck, because we’re giving that stuff away. We have a couple of spare games to offer this week, but sadly, only single copies of each one. So, rather than run a separate contest for each one of them, leaving them feeling all lonely and vulnerable, we figured we’d just heap them into a pile and let you have at them that way.

The other nice thing is that all of these prizes tie into site content we’re going to be posting this week. I’m sure you’ve all already seen our Joe Danger review today, so if it sounds like something that revs your engine, we have a copy to give away! Tomorrow will see our review for Doom II for XBLA, and Wednesday will have us returning to Ferelden with a review for Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening (and no, we’re not giving a copy of that away, but we do have a different DA:O DLC pack to give out).

Want to know what you have to do to get your hands on some stuff? Of course you do. Just hit that jump for stuff-related details.

What We’re Giving Away:

  • 1 (one) XBLA code for Bethesda/id’s Doom II
  • 1 (one) PSN code for Hello Games’ Joe Danger
  • 1 (one) PSN code for EA/BioWare’s “Leliana’s Song” DLC add-on for Dragon Age: Origins

How To Win:

Tell us which piece of stuff you want to win. That’s pretty easy, no? We thought so.

How To Enter:

Submit your entry as follows:

  • Register – If you haven’t already done so, register for the site. You can find the login on the far right of the site, just below the staff bar. This is required so that we have a valid email address or other means of contact by which we can send you your code. Entries that do not have registered accounts on the site will not be eligible.
  • Comment – Leave your entry in the comments section below and let us know which game(s) you’re interested in. Yes, you can enter for more than one game if you like, but you can only win once.

We’ll pick one winner for each prize randomly from all the qualifying entries on the evening of Saturday, August 7th and will notify them shortly afterward.

Legal Mumbo-Jumbo:

Contest is open to all countries – however, make certain you can redeem North American PlayStation Network/Xbox Live Arcade codes on your account. CFD! will not be held responsible if the code is invalid for your region. Current CFD! staff (including probationary members) are not eligible to win. One winner per household. In the event that a prize winner cannot be reached or becomes ineligible, CFD! reserves the right to pick a new winner from the eligible entries. Have fun!


UPDATA: We have winners!

The winner for Joe Danger on PSN is: Skrams

The winner for Doom II on XBLA is: Syniz

Since we never specifically had anybody enter for the PS3 DLC for Dragon Age, I guess we’ll just hold that for another time soon – maybe we’ll give it away at PAX Prime when we… oops, did I say that? I’d best be quiet.

Thanks to everybody who participated! Keep your eyes peeled for our next contest, starting today on CFD!’s Wild West Week!



  1. Erm no. By all means, check the IP address of both I and my devilishly handsome doppelgänger.

    That’s a little screwed up actually. I want my face back. : \

  2. MLegora

    I got the lucky last entry, I hope that means i’m gonna win! :D good luck to everyone else!

  3. Syniz

    Awesome! Thanks CFD! Can’t wait to unlock my Marine suit :)

  4. Skrams

    I’ve been wanting Joe Danger forever now. And oh my you’ve fulfilled my dreams. Thank you CFD for you are the finest of the fine of contests. Did I mention I love you?

  5. We love you, too. :D ;)


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