June 1, 2010

Win Rocket Knight For PSN – Crush! Swag! Destroy!


What’s this? Another giveaway? Of course it is! Because CFD! loves you all just that much.

And this time around, we’ve got actual games up for grabs – specifically Konami’s recent 2.5D updating of a much beloved 16-bit hero. We’re talking, of course, about everyone’s favorite armored opossum, Sparkster.

That’s right. We’re giving away two PlayStation Network codes for Rocket Knight this week, generously provided by our friends at Konami – rejoice, fans of armored marsupials!

How can you win, you ask? Hit the jump and find out.

What We’re Giving Away:


  • 2 (two) PSN codes for Konami’s Rocket Knight.

How To Win:

Rocket Knight was a fan-favorite of the 16-bit era and a lot of those classic titles are seeing shiny new updates. What CFD! wants to know is: “What classic 8 or 16-bit game would you like to see updated/remade today?”

You can submit your entry by any of the following methods:

  • Site - Register for the site (if you haven’t already) and leave your answer in the comments below
  • Email - Send your answer to
  • Facebook - Hit the site’s Facebook page and leave your answer in the comments on this story
  • Twitter - Follow us on Twitter (@CrushFragDstroy – we’ll follow back so we can DM you) and send your answer there (we also wouldn’t mind an RT or two either to help spread the word)

We’ll pick two winners at random from all the qualifying entries on the evening of Saturday, June 5th and will notify them shortly afterward.

Legal Mumbo-Jumbo:

Contest is open to all countries – however, make certain you can redeem North American PlayStation Network codes on your account. CFD! will not be held responsible if the code is invalid for your region – it’s not that hard to set up a US PSN account, after all. Current CFD! staff (including probationary members) are not eligible to win. One winner per household. In the event that a prize winner cannot be reached or becomes ineligible, CFD! reserves the right to pick a new winner or upgrade an existing one. Be creative with your answers – we enjoy that. Have fun!


  1. Alex Kidd in Miracle World.

    Stumbling out of the 8 and 16 bit eras, I would go with Burning Rangers, and Skullmonkeys.

  2. I encourage everyone to enter this contest! Price was my only major concern when reviewing the game, and this contest pretty much negates that!

  3. voidal

    kings quest 1 – so i can waste ANOTHER 2 years of my life trying to complete this one and failing

  4. Nate Andrews

    I’m gonna go with Hudson’s Adventure Island series.

  5. @Voidal Hell yeah I was gunna say King’s Quest too :P

    It was so awesome, reading this made me sad –


  6. I would really like to see a remake o Deja Vu. Ace Harding was a badass!

  7. Gekkoton

    I’d love to see a Final Fantasy III (VI) with updated graphics and music. It’s my favorite Final Fantasy ever.

  8. Reklawnoom

    I would like to see one of my favorite (and difficult) platformer remade, Puggsy, from sega mega drive.

  9. Anna Pazmino

    Bucky O’Hare !!! now thats a classic! i mean, a green bunny??!! of course!!

  10. FunnyAssDude

    i would like to see Ristar on the sega genesis be updated/remade today

  11. Ok so as Far as Franchise that I feel deserves a reboot, you can never go wrong Battletoads. This Franchise is almost long forgotten & with the many new modern conventions of gameplay mechanics we could give the game now (Ala A Boy & His Blob for the Wii is a perfect example) but retain that same violent yet comical charisma that the series oozed along with a slew of new genre mixups. I feel that Battletoads is something Rare needs to pick the slack back up on & get it going especially for an XBLA release that will cater to possible new fans & accomadate everyone old enough to remember & appreciate the name Battletoads. Anyway that’s all…I really hope I fucking win hahaha I love me some RKA!

  12. Kenji

    I want an updated Wonder Boy.

  13. Art

    So who won?

  14. Winners are going to be notified today.

    UPDATE: Winners HAVE been notified. Thanks for entering, folks! Keep your eyes open for a new contest this week…

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