May 31, 2010

CFD!’s Team DeathChat: Episode 6 – 5/31/2010

team_deathchat_w_textThis is going to be rough. You’ve been warned.

I was willing to let this week slide by without a show since Scott got called in to work and wasn’t going to be able to record. Neither had I gotten prepared yet for my role as the back-up recording engineer.

This, however, did not deter Sage from getting on my case. A lot.

Flash forward a couple of hours. I’m flailing and trying to get the equipment running and it’s not working. I’m getting frustrated. Sage, with his sexy man-charm, managed to rope Scott into setting up the recording equipment and leaving the three of us to our own devices.

By this point, it is approaching midnight and I’d already begun drinking, by way of Jell-O shots.

This is going to be rough. You’ve been warned.

Hit the jump for the full show notes.

CFD!’s Team DeathChat

Episode 6 – 5/31/2010

Ever listened to a podcast? Ever listened to a podcast recorded half-drunk on Jell-O shots? Well BAM! There it is!

Yep, this show is a little bit of a train wreck, but you’re going probably going to listen to it anyway. You know you will. Just keep in mind that we apologize profusely beforehand. We almost held off from posting this one, relegating it to “Lost Episode” status, but we figured keeping our now-regular rhythm going was more important. Pride? What’s that?

So, this week, even though we’re one man down (for most of the show), we talk even more about Red Dead Redemption, Super Mario Galaxy 2, What Did I Do To Deserve This My Lord? 2, Lost Planet 2 and Monster Hunter Tri. Does anyone else notice there are a lot of twos this week?

Along the way Sage lets us know he won’t stop if you break down on the highway while Rob T. loves everybody, tries to speak Portuguese, corrects Rob Rich’s pronunciation of Ico, and makes joystick innuendo. Meanwhile, Rob R. finds out just how sensitive his Mac mic is when he suffers a bout of explosive flatulence. Also, Scott drops in FROM OUT OF NOWHERE to save the day when Rob T.’s connection drops (again!). We also make a plea to find our missing editor and news dissolves into a hell that involves NOT peeing on Jade Raymond and setting her on fire.

Also, Monster colons and penis.

Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here.

ADHD-Friendly Timecodes:

00:00:00-00:02:27 Intro
00:02:28-01:06:01 Whatcha Been Playin’?
01:06:02-01:07:13 Break 1 (feat. Ear Caresses from Lost Planet 2)
01:07:14-01:14:07 Community Chatter
01:14:08-01:51:48 News
01:51:49-01:55:38 Thanks/Pimpage/Outro



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