May 25, 2010

Blue Dragon Card Game Giveaway – Crush! Swag! Destroy!


You know, I feel like a flaming moron for not thinking of that title for our contests sooner. It’s like it was staring me in the face the whole time! But I digress…

To celebrate last week’s release of Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow on Nintendo DS, D3Publisher has generously donated some goodies for us to give away to you – our loyal readers! Collectible card gamers, fans of the RPG/anime franchise or even just fans of Akira Toriyama’s art should take heed, as we’re giving away a bunch of starter decks and boosters for the Blue Dragon Role Playing Card Game!

Wanna know how? Of course you do. So hit the jump and allow us to explain below.

What We’re Giving Away:


  • 1 (one) 1st Place Prize: 2 (two) Blue Dragon Starter Decks (one Light Shadow Wielder, one Dark Shadow Wielder), 10 (ten) booster packs
  • 2 (two) 2nd Place Prizes: 2 (two) Blue Dragon Starter Decks (one Light Shadow Wielder, one Dark Shadow Wielder), 7 (seven) booster packs
  • 4 (four) 3rd Place Prizes: 2 (two) Blue Dragon Starter Decks (one Light Shadow Wielder, one Dark Shadow Wielder)

How To Win:

Those familiar with the Blue Dragon universe know that the characters can summon “shadows” – magical avatars in the form of an animal or mythic creature (like the titular Blue Dragon) that fight on their behalf. What CFD! wants to know is: “What would your Shadow animal/creature be and what sort of special attack would it have?”

You can submit your entry by any of the following methods:

  • Site - Register for the site (if you haven’t already) and leave your answer in the comments below
  • Email - Send your answer to
  • Facebook - Hit the site’s Facebook page and leave your answer in the comments on this story
  • Twitter - Follow us on Twitter (@CrushFragDstroy – we’ll follow back so we can DM you) and send your answer there

We’ll pick winners from all the qualifying entries on the evening of Saturday, May 29th and will notify them shortly afterward.

Legal Mumbo-Jumbo:

Contest is open primarily to North American residents, although other countries may be considered, provided the cost of shipping is not deemed prohibitive. Current CFD! staff (including probationary members) are not eligible to win. One winner per household. In the event that a prize winner cannot be reached or becomes ineligible, CFD! reserves the right to pick a new winner or upgrade an existing one. Be creative with your answers – we enjoy that. Have fun!

One Comment

  1. Shabbypenguin

    thats easy


    its a rabbit with fangs antlers and wings, the only way to catch said creature is to be of the female kind and and erhem… be well endowed…

    i would have it chew through peoples femurs…

    ive suggested this concept to several card games but apparently they dont want in thier kids games for legal reason blah blah blah….

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