May 23, 2010

CFD!’s Team DeathChat: Episode 5 – 5/23/2010

team_deathchat_w_textWE MADE A DEADLINE!

Though only just barely – it’s almost a quarter after 7pm EDT as I type these words, so the final episode of Lost isn’t on-air for almost 2 more hours. But we still made it!

And even though this week’s final Lost predictions/discussion segment is somewhat non-video game territory (unless you count the awful tie-in game), we still manage to squeeze in plenty of game talk amid our usual ramblings.

But enough of that. You have a show to listen to (or at least start) before we check in with Oceanic 815′s crew one last time. Hit the jump for the full show notes.

CFD!’s Team DeathChat

Episode 5 – 5/23/2010

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends! In this episode Rob Rich rejoins the crew and regales us with tales of new shoes. Also, this week we talk about the upcoming Lost finale in our last segment, so for many of you this will be a shorter than normal show. Or not.

There is still some vidya game talkin’, however. We delve into Indie Games (Zombie Estate and Paipa), Lost Planet 2, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Alan Wake, Red Dead Redemption (which Sage would rather go to work than play, it seems), Shadow Complex, and A Boy and His Blob.

In between various odd noises, Sage drinks much Haterade while dodging death three times and trying to sell a reluctant Rob T. on Battlestar Galactica. Rob T. also explains how he fails at Netflix and creams all over the original Metroid, while Rob R. has more Wii-woes and refuses to tell us what 5,000 polar bears having sex sounds like. Scott, meanwhile, does nothing of note. Also, Wife-arms.

Whooo boy! Yep.

ADHD-Friendly Timecodes:

00:00:00-00:10:50 Intro
00:10:51-01:06:44 Whatcha Been Playin’?
01:06:45-01:07:14 Break 1
01:07:15-01:42:24 News
01:42:25-01:44:14 Promotion/Whoring/Break 2
01:44:15-02:35:24 Lost Chat
02:35:25-02:37:10 Outro


“Rainbow in the Dark” – Dio (R.I.P. Ronnie \m/)
“The Island” – The Decemberists
“Main Title” and “Oceanic 815 – Lost Soundtrack (Michael Giacchino)

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  1. Sage Knox

    …I made various odd noises?

  2. Nate Andrews

    *COUGH*still on season two*COUGH*

  3. @Sage: I meant in general.

    @Nate: Tsk tsk….

  4. Sage, words hurt man. Words hurt :P

    Good show guys, pacing and overall comfort with each other was awesome. The personal shout outs made me burst out laughing, and my co-workers now think I have lost my marbles randomly laughing for seemingly no reason.

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