March 21, 2010

CFD!’s Team DeathChat: Episode 2 – 3/21/2010

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Written by: Rob Thomas
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cfd_logo_big-copyUPDATE: Seems there was an issue with the direct download link not working. Should be fine now – was simply a misnamed file issue. If you couldn’t get it before, try again. Thanks!


Two weeks! Two weeks in a row! There are celebrity marriages that have lasted less time than our podcast track record, people…

But seriously, we’re actually getting this one up on time this week. Hopefully nobody’s confused too badly, having only listened to the first episode a couple of days ago. We’re going to try to keep this regular schedule thing going. It’s kinda crazy.

Also, more good news! Team DeathChat is finally listed on iTunes, so subscribe, rate us, leave a review – hell, all of the above would be nice! We’ll drop a subscription link in the sidebar eventually, but for now you can find it in our show notes, which are under the jump.

CFD!’s Team DeathChat

Episode 2 – 3/21/2010

Hey, we’re back again!

This week, join the two Robs, Scott and Sage (who couldn’t make it for the first episode) as they talk about video games (Minecraft, Yakuza 3, Heavy Rain, Bad Company 2, God of War III and C&C4: Tiberian Twilight), incite weeaboo rage, and get confused over 300 getting a sequel.

In the second segment, we touch on a few bits of news before discussing Ubisoft and EA’s DRM woes.

Also, Sage makes everyone feel old and Rob T. presents his dream scenario for Duke Nukem Forever (and gets guilted by the staff for review delays). Come drink some haterade and enjoy!



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Seriously. We want to hear from you!

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  1. Xanderkun

    Part 2 DD no workie. D:

  2. File was misnamed. Link should be working now. Thanks for pointing it out!

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