March 13, 2010

Hell Freezes Over: CFD! Podcast Recording Today

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Written by: Rob Thomas
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Gr3ml1n GamingThe Midwest snows may have melted away, but the weather forecast in Hades is looking a wee bit chilly today.

That’s right – the long-delayed Crush! Frag! Destroy! podcast is finally about to be recorded! There’s just one problem, though… We need a name!

Yes, we have yet to decide on a proper name for this beast and we’re taking suggestions from you, our (potential) listeners. So drop us a comment below with your suggestions and make them good (FYI: FragCast and CrushCast are both already existing shows elsewhere, plus they’re not terribly creative). Give us your best, your weirdest, your most inventive!

Also, if you have any comments, questions or other contributions for us, leave us a comment below, drop us a Twitter message (@CrushFragDstroy) or post on the Facebook page and we’ll try to work them into the show.

Hit the jump for a quick rundown of what we’re going to be covering on our inaugural broadcast.

In addition to the typical introductions and “Whatcha been playing?” segments:

  • PR Disasters: The ApocalyPS3, IW-Gate and Ubisoft’s DRM issues
  • GDC 2010 (Specifically, PlayStation Move)
  • Heavy Rain (Spoiler heavy discussion – you’ve been warned!)

Also, I’m sure there will probably be a healthy dose of tangential discussion as well. But we’ll try to keep that to a required minimum for the moment.

So yes, send us your feedback via any channel we mentioned above, since we want to make this your show as well as ours. We’ll also try to have an email address set up before the next show so you can direct comments there as well.

Wish us luck! We’ll see you guys on the other side…


  1. I suggest (easy targets) either CrushFragRecord or CrushFragDiscuss. ^_^

  2. How about “Rob’s Viddy Game Fun Time Show!” …and if for some insane reason it’s not entirely clear, I am completely kidding.

  3. Crush!Frag!Destroy! Sunday! Sunday! Podcast!

    Let me know if you need someone to do the monster truck announcer voice. :P

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