March 11, 2010

Want a Blur Beta Code? CFD! Has Your Hook-up!

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Written by: Rob Thomas
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Are you a fan of real world cars and locations but always thought standard racing games were a bit… dull?

Do you like the power-ups and over-the-top nature of kart racers but can’t get behind the cartoony style?

Looks like Activision’s Blur might be to your liking, then. And what luck! – CFD! is giving away codes for the recently started Xbox 360 multiplayer beta!

Ready to get your Blur on? Race past the jump for details…

We’re going to handle this one similarly to out last giveaway, only we’re going to be giving away a couple of prizes each day instead of simply handing them out on a set date. How can you get your hands on a code? It’s simple!

  1. CFD! - You’re already here. Sign in (or sign up if you don’t have an account) and leave a comment on this post
  2. Twitter - Follow our Twitter feed (@CrushFragDstroy) and RT the following: Crush! Frag! Destroy! is giving away 360 Blur beta codes. RT and follow to enter! Details at:
  3. Facebook - Join our Facebook page (there’s a box on the right sidebar) and leave a comment in the Just Fans tab

That’s all there is to it. We’ll pick a couple of random winners each day from all the entries  put in and we’ll keep going till we’re all out of codes. Pretty easy, eh?


So now that you have a code, what do you do with it? Well, first off, do not try to redeem it via the Xbox 360 dashboard! The codes will not work there.

Visit and redeem your code there, after which you’ll receive an email with your code to redeem via the 360. You’ll be smashing fenders before you know it!

And for those Xbox Live Silver members out there who think you’re left out because you can’t play online? When you sign up for the beta, you’ll also get a 48hr trial of Xbox Live Gold, so you can get a taste of the action too! It’s a win/win!

So what are you waiting for? We’re offering you the keys, but you’ve gotta take the initiative!


  1. Lawlcat

    The more I watch the trailer the more I think it may actually be fun. Wrecking other people online? Always good times.

  2. Lawlcat

    Okay, this game was actually pretty awesome. Controls feel slightly sluggish, but otherwise its a blast

  3. I want a BETA key, thanks for the tweet msg to give me a heads up.

    Hope i win a Key, ive just got in the All Points Bullet Beta aswell which testing starts 2morro !

  4. Dean

    I’d quite like a beta code pleeeaasseeee

    Twitter = deanloveyoshi

  5. shatteredhaven

    beta key would be sexy. Otherwise I’ll just live vicariously through the site.

  6. Looks like this could be worth checking out. Hope I get a code.

  7. Jason

    I’m posting this with my fancy new cell phone that won’t let me log in for some reason. I would love to get my hands on a code though and try this sweet looking game out.

  8. I am digging Blur beta for sure. This is definitely something I would like to try the full game of. My only concern is what the single player is going to be like in order to differentiate from the multiplayer. Either way, Thanks for the hookup! :D

  9. No problem, sir! Also, to the rest of you who got beta codes – what’s your take on the multiplayer? Overall, most of what I’ve heard has been very positive. I need to get around to redeeming a code soon myself. >.>

    Also, don’t forget to let anyone you know who’s still looking for a code that we still have a few more to give away!

  10. Wanted to try it out and you found me on Twitter. Nice, thanks!

  11. BaByJeZuZ 012

    This game looks ballin. If i could get a code thatd be greatly appreciated. Oh, and nice site btw.

  12. kanga59725

    The fact that this is more of an arcade racer has me intrigued.

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