October 21, 2009

World of Goo Name-Your-Own-Price Sale a “Huge Success”

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Written by: Aubrey Klanecky
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You may recall we posted last week regarding World of Goo‘s experimental Pay-What-You-Want Birthday Sale. Well yesterday, 2D Boy posted a blog detailing the success of the sale.

During the sale, the game sold a whopping 57,000 copies at an average of $2.03 per game. Some 17,ooo of these were paid for in the amount of $0.01, where as the next largest price range was $1-1.99 at nearly 16,000 copies sold. Meanwhile, four champions – Gods among men as they are – paid $50 for the normally-$20 game. Sales even spiked over on Steam, where it was not on sale.

“Steam sales rose 40 percent relative to the previous week,” said Ron Carmel of 2D Boy. “Our Steam sales tend to fluctuate, and it’s not unheard of for there to be a 25 percent difference from one week to the next (up or down), but the 40 percent increase came after a week that saw a 25 percent increase. It has been several months since we’ve seen this number of sales in a single week on Steam.”

When asked in a post-purchase poll, only 5.4% of the 2,300 that answered said that they paid what they felt the game was worth. Meanwhile, a whopping 22.7% said they paid only what they could afford at the time.

And the best part? The success has inspired 2D Boy to continue the sale until the 25th, so all of you who were late to the party can still partake in the fun.

[Via: 2D Boy]


  1. I bought the game for $1 :( Feel bad about it really, but its $1 more than I would have bought it for.. and I ~really~ don’t have any spare money for games atm.
    Although I did hear one guy donated $200, which might explain the four payments of £50 D:
    All in all though, even after paypal charges and stuff – I’m sure they made quite a bit of money for an indie game which is a year old :D

  2. This game is notorious for having suffered a greater than 90% piracy rate when it launched, you have to note. So I’m sure to a degree a lot of these sales don’t even make up for that.

    That being said, at least you didn’t punk out and only pay $.01 for it like some people did.

  3. This game is awesome and deserves every penny it gets. If I wasn’t so broke all the time I probably would have bought it again just to support the developers.

  4. So this is where you hang out now, UF? Just takin’ a look around…

    On topic, I’ve been eying this game for awhile now…maybe it’s time to pull the trigger. Of course, but pile of shame will only suffer even more for it.

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