October 10, 2009

Introducing: Fragments

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Written by: Rob Thomas
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Gr3ml1n GamingMost of you are likely already familiar with Crush! Frag! Destroy!’s system for reviews: the standard, lengthy, in-detail review text up top and a three-line summary with a rating at the bottom for those people who think “reading is haaard” and can’t be bothered to take two minutes out of their busy, super important routine (in between high-stakes boardroom meetings, no doubt) to actually read and digest the full review.

Well, while this format is all well and good for standard releases with enough depth to support a 1000 word review, what do you do for those times when you want to talk about something that’s not quite as meaty? Like, say, an iPhone title, DLC expansion pack or XBL Indie Game?

Enter: Fragments.

The premise behind Fragments is to provide a space for us to give you our take on these smaller, more bite-sized pieces of content. The format of the review, naturally, will be shaved down as well.

The body of a Fragment will consist of 500 words or less and we will be omitting the three-line wrap-up, leaving just the typical Recommended/Research It/Exercise Caution review rating. If you can’t digest fewer than 500 words, chances are you probably aren’t reading many of our news stories either, since a fair number of those come in around 200 a pop. We also would recommend looking into getting your ADD medicated.

Also, in instances where screenshots are available, we will be attaching them in a standard gallery at the bottom, rather than embedding them into the review as usual. This will at least ensure that if appropriate visuals are on hand, you won’t get shortchanged just because only one or two can be fit in, based on the review’s length.

That’s about it, really. This should expand our ability to showcase and review different types of content without forcing it to fit the standard formula. We hope you all enjoy!

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  1. NdIGiTy

    I’m all for expanded content, and Fragments sounds like a good format for that sort of thing.

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