September 18, 2009

CFD! Gives You Early Access to the Brütal Legend Demo

eddie_riggs_-_fist_of_rock_psd_jpgcopy.jpgUPDATA: And we’re done. Thanks to everyone who entered. Look for the winners to be announced shortly.


Hey there, headbangers!

Want to get in on the Brütal Legend demo early but you didn’t pre-order the game from GameStop?

Or maybe your local store just ran out of codes by the time your hangover from the big concert’s after party wore off?

Don’t worry – Crush! Frag! Destroy! has your back!

We have two codes to give away, one for PS3 and one for Xbox 360, and all we need you to do is answer this one question:

Brütal Legend is already the most metal game of all time. However, if the Gods of Metal allowed you to add just one thing to it that would make the game even more metal (if indeed that were possible), what would it be?”

If you don’t already have an account at CFD!, sign up for one using the login at the top of the left sidebar (be sure to use a valid email address so we can get the code to you if you win) and leave your suggestions in the comments below. Don’t forget to specify which system you want the code for. One entry per person.

We will pick a winner from the best suggestions (one on each platform) tomorrow night at midnight Eastern/9pm Pacific time, so you’ll need to act faster than Yngwie Malmsteen’s fingers if you want to get in on this!

(And we swear, that is probably the only time you’ll ever see Yngwie’s name mentioned on this site.)


  1. Though I’m not eligible, I will get the ball rolling:

    The game would be at its most metal if the pages of the manual were made from virgin flesh, inked in animal blood, and bound together by a single strand of Satan’s hair.

  2. Ned

    Nipple rings made of diamond plate. :D

    PS3 or Xbox 360. Either or.

  3. nathonix

    Long haired, scantily clad over endowed blonde babes riding on leathery winged flying harley motorcycles that spit flames from the tailpipes, with battle axes that have been strung up as guitars strapped across their backs.

    That. That is Metal.

    xbox 360 please.

  4. NdIGiTy

    If the complete OST was a free pack-in. And maybe a little Lemmy bobblehead for the dashboard of the Deuce.

  5. mestopho

    MORE metal?

    Should have a CE, packed with a live bat (to bite the head off of), live ants (To snort), a bottle of JD, vouchers for blow and hookers, and a round trip ticket to a private rehab center, where Dr. Drew will tell you how your dad beat you and your mom never appreciated you.

    (PS3, FTW)

  6. Curse my ineligibility!

    Having a showdown (Battle of the Bands, Brutal Legend style) with Dethklok as a bonus/hidden stage would make me poo myself.

    Also, being able to transform The Deuce into a hulking metal robot-creature that eats human/demon flesh and guzzles blood would be sweet. It could have a giant meat grinder for a mouth.


  7. Two things to make this more metal. Taarna and her mount from Heavy Metal as a playbale secret character, and of course the epic track “Heavy Metal” (Hagar version of course) rockin’ while you play as her. That my friends would be Metal of all kinds.

    360 please. :D

  8. More metal? For Kratos to show up and start rocking out with you! Then he rips your head off.

    PS3 or 360.

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