September 17, 2009

GameStop Pre-orders Get an Early Taste of Brütal Legend Today


If you pre-ordered Brütal Legend at your local GameStop, chances are you’re probably not reading these words right now. Why’s that? Because you’re currently buttcheek-deep in METAL!, that’s why.

You see, the cool kids who put their fiver down early get to access the demo starting today, almost a week before us poor regular schlubs do. But don’t worry, metal maniacs – you’re not being left out in the cold. You just have to wait longer. Think of it like queuing up for tickets to your favorite show the night before so they don’t sell out on you… only instead of a single night, it’s more like five or so.

“I wish people could play the whole game right now,” said Tim Schafer, President of Double Fine Productions. “But while we’re waiting for Rocktober 13th, a taste of Metal is better than none at all.”


  1. Woah woah woah there! How does one go about getting this demo? I put money down on this game like two months ago. I didn’t get any notification of this! :(

  2. The game is only a month away and even though I preordered a copy, I’m not going to be playing the demo. I played some of it back at Comic Con and I don’t want to touch it again until the release…and I can barely wait!

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