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John Carter Action

John Carter Review

Andrew Stanton is one of the Pixar guys. He is primarily responsible for Finding Nemo and Wall-E. One of his dream projects was to bring the characters and worlds of Edgar Rice Burrough’s Barsoom novels to life on the big screen. Well, he got his wish in the new fantasy epic from Disney, John Carter. [...]

Wonder Woman - New 52 DC

Wonder Woman #1-6 Review

One of the most interesting aspects of DC’s New 52 is how it has served as a platform to bring a few classic Vertigo characters, like John Constantine and Swamp Thing, back into the main DC universe. Perhaps more intriguingly, though, is how this most recent bout of continuity tinkering has also resulted in some [...]

Supergirl - New 52 DC

Supergirl #1-4 Review

Writing good, action-focused comics is a surprisingly delicate business. Go too dark and serious, and you court self-parody; rely too heavily on humor, and it will be harder to sell readers on more serious moments when they become necessary. If the first four issues of Supergirl are any indication,  creators Mike Green, Michael Johnson and [...]

Alan Wake's American Nightmare Action

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Review

Remedy’s 2010 psychological thriller Alan Wake introduced us to a troubled writer battling dark forces seeking to break into the real world; the vehicle for this interdimensional travel being a freshly-written manuscript that the darkness forced him to write. Alan managed to stop the darkness at the cost of remaining in its depths, risking insanity as he searched for [...]

PS Vita Previews

PlayStation Vita – Hands-On Preview

In a market dominated by inexpensive applications to entertain those on the move, Sony has certainly thrown in a wild card with the PS Vita. Released in Japan late last year and already facing floods of criticism from the other side of the pond, I decided to spend some quality time with Sony’s new handheld [...]

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